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About Dr. Haas

Dr. Manor Haas graduated from the University of Toronto with numerous awards  and a Doctor of Dental Surgery degree.

After practicing general dentistry for a number of years, he pursued advanced training in endodontics and micro-surgery at the Albert Einstein medical Center in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. There, he obtained his specialty of certificate in endodontics. 

With a Masters Degree in dentistry, Dr. Haas holds staff teaching positions at Toronto's hospital for Sick Children and the University of Toronto Faculty.


Dental Education Courses

For the past 20 years, Dr. Haas has lectured and given many hands-on courses internationally to numerous dental organizations and universities on nearly all aspects of modern endodontics.  He regularly contributes to print and online dental journals and dental blogs. 

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Online Learning Resources

Nowadays and with the pandemic in mind, Dr. Haas has moved to virtual learning with various online lectures and online workshops.


Dr. Haas takes great pride in tailoring his online and in-person lectures and workshops to general dentists and specialists.  His presentations are very honest, practical, easy to follow and incorporate attention-grabbing animations such as 3D videos and HD clinical videos.

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